Home sweet home

The viewing platform at Sugarloaf last night

Sometimes you don’t have to travel away from home to enjoy the world at its best. The place I call home is close to Cape Naturaliste in the South West of Western Australia. It’s about 3 hours drive south of Perth (the State capital), and attracts visitors from throughout the world for its pristine fine white beaches, coastal scenery, fishing, world class surfing, calm swimming bays, bushwalking, vineyards, and gourmet food.

Expect several species of whales to pass close to the shore between July and November – sometimes only 100 metres away! Strangely, this year whale sightings have been made in Geographe Bay near the Cape in April – months ahead of when they usually arrive. Expect surfing dolphins whenever. And seals, wild kangaroos, and an amazing array of birdlife. In Spring, head for the bush and coastal walks to spot beautiful wildflowers, including orchids.

International visitors haven’t been able to get here during these Covid times – and it’s even been difficult for Australians from other States to visit because of our hard Covid border restrictions that have kept Western Australians fairly free of Covid problems. When the pandemic is over and we can all travel again, perhaps you will come search for this little piece of Australian paradise.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are my photos of last night’s sunset at a place called Sugarloaf on one side of Cape Naturaliste, looking out to the Indian Ocean. And this morning’s sensational sunrise along the beach on the other side of the Cape, looking out to Geographe Bay. It’s about a 20 minute drive between each area. The colours are for real. I have not photoshopped. The pics are taken on automatic with my Sony 7iii.

We are enjoying beautiful warm autumn weather here. I hope these photos brighten your day.

This couple watched the sunset from the Sugarloaf viewing platform
Another couple perched on rocks to watch the sunset
The sunset from Sugarloaf on Cape Naturaliste
coastal statutes stand out against the dawn sky over Geographe Bay in South West Australia this morning
A new day beginning at Geographe Bay
Still water in the Bay makes a great reflector for the dawn sky in Geographe Bay
The sun rises into the sky
The clouds begin to clear and a new day begins
Yes .. that’s me just after 7am today!
We are closed to the world right now – but it’s a beautiful gilded cage.

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