Off to the Aussie outback again!

If I was writing this blog a hundred years ago, it would be called a ‘travel journal’, and I might begin this entry with:

“Barely had the ink dried on my last entry – Outback Aussie Station Stays – than I felt compelled to return to one of them.”

I posted that article – OUTBACK AUSSIE STATION STAYS – on May 5. Encouraged by my own blog enthusiasm for outback station stays, it didn’t take much to persuade me to head back to Mellenbye Cattle Station. I became even more enthusiastic when I heard that friends were already there, working as volunteer camp hosts. So, with campfire friends ensured, off hubby and I went on about 24 hours notice!

The long campfire! Great for groups.

From where we live, it’s a 7.5 hour drive, though on this occasion we were caught up in a freeway traffic snarl as we passed through the WA capital city, Perth, leading to nearly 10 hours on the road to reach Mellenbye. A long day, but worth it. For people in Perth, it’s only a 4.5 drive – a remarkably short distance to reach the outback.

Station donkeys welcome us back!
A cloudless night sky just before sunrise at Mellenbye
Hubby and a mate exploring Mellenbye Station

The Station was established as a sheep station in the late 1800’s, and now runs cattle. It also accepts visitors, offering some excellent overnight accommodation ranging from fully self contained upmarket cabins to camping/caravan sites – some with their own ensuites!

Our little cabin at dawn

My return visit was just as impressive as my first visit a year ago. Back to those stunning night skies, sunsets and sunrises again! All the stresses and problems brought on by Covid seemed light years away!

Dawn from our Station cabin

The owner, Shelly has added some new accommodations and a new campers kitchen. She also is currently installing some ‘under the stars open roof’ showers for campers/caravanners! Great for the warmer weather! And importantly, Shelly has embarked on a major tree planting programme to provide much needed shade in the camping area. Her energy is amazing!

New campers’ showers – wash under the sky!

An antique fire engine, an old tram and a mega truck have been added to the Station garage! Some of these are used to show visitors around the property.

An old tram and fire engine in the Station garage – a bit of type repair is needed!
I check out the mega truck, used for Station tours

A cyclone recently passed through Mellenbye, luckily leaving no major damage in its wake. But many of the Station tracks were impassable on my latest visit because of flood water. Hopefully, the heavy rains will mean a wonderful wildflower season on the Station in Spring!

A station track inundated by water from recent rain

You can read more about Mellenbye Station in my May 5 blog or on the Station website:

Plenty of birdlife to spot on the Station
Mellenbye Station
Old Station buildings

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