Summer beach fun in OZ

The summer ‘seagulls’ are gone for another year!

February is the last month of summer in Australia – and this year hasn’t been quite what you’d expect. There has been a lot of flooding this summer, a lot of devastation brought on by unruly weather. Some of our south eastern States have even had snow in the last week! Very strange.

But in the South West of Western Australia where I live, it has been a lovely summer, with many holidaymakers flocking to the small coastal town where I live. Overwhelming us! Trying to get a restaurant table or a parking spot in town to shop has been a struggle! The beachside cycle lanes are packed and the quickest coffee you’re going to get is the one you make at home! Personally, I stock up and hunker down at home from Christmas – until now. Luckily, we have an abundance of superb beaches in the South West, so it’s easy to find a beautiful spot to swim and relax by the sea, without being overrun by other people.

Bunker Bay – South West Western Australia

February sees the school holidays end and the holiday boom finally dissipating. The seagulls – as we locals call the out of town holidaymakers – are flying home! The holidaying hordes no longer pack our town. We get back our space. It’s like someone opened a window and allowed fresh air in!

February may be our last summer month, but there’s still plenty of enjoyable warm summer weather. Perth, the State capital, is experiencing temperatures in the 30’s celsius in the coming week. Still plenty of time for outdoor picnics and barbecues with friends, quiet early morning fishing and beach swims.

Meelup Beach, South West Western Australia

And have we got beaches! Super beautiful pristine beaches throughout the State! No high-rise on the edge of the fine white sand. Just parkland and bush. Hopefully, we can keep it that way.

Here’s just some of those beaches that are within 20 minutes drive from my home! They all border Western Australia’s stunning Geographe Bay. I have taken these photos in the last few days. Enjoy!

(PS: DID YOU CATCH UP WITH THE STORY OF MY EFFORT TO TREK JAPAN’S GORGEOUS NAKASENDO TRAIL LAST NOVEMBER? Part 1 published in my blog on Jan 22 and Part 2 on Feb 3. Hopefully you can give it a read)

Meelup Beach – South West Western Australia
Bunker Bay – SW Western Australia
One of our town beaches in Dunsborough, SW Western Australia
Busselton Beach – SW Western Australia
Gannet Rock Bay, SW Western Australia
Busselton Beach, SW Western Australia



    • What you seem to keep through all the “seagulls” is how pristine the beaches remain, no litter that I could spot in any of the photos!

      Is that a lifeguard in the little hut in Busselton Beach?


      • We have an extremely good local municipal council, responsible for both Dunsborough and Busselton, who keep our beaches clean, including beach barbecues. There’s not a lot of litter left, but surprisingly a lot of shoes seem to get left behind! The ‘little hut’ is someone’s beach sun shelter. You are not supposed to leave them up overnight, though in the middle of summer, some locals do. They risk a fine though.


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