I’ve never been much for the beauty salon, preferring to spend my money and time on things I find more important – like travel. I do regularly enjoy a good hairdresser cut, but avoid having any styling with excuses like – “I’m off for a swim” – that only works in summer, or – “I […]

Travel quakes! BE PREPARED! UPDATE

October 29, 2022 Another update of a story I released on my blog early last year. Why now? Probably because the possibility of being caught in an earthquake is a consideration again as I soon head for those ‘shaky isles’ in the northern hemisphere. Hubby has decided we should both have working phones on our […]


suddenly in the last few weeks, Japanese media have reported the Government will open the border finally to independent travellers next month, with a substantial easing of border controls including short term visa free stays for visitors from many countries. I hope my Journalist compatriots in Japan have it right.


I’m pleased to see Satoyama Experience in Furakawa, near Takayama in Gifu is still thriving following the pandemic tourism downturn. Their cycling trips are highly recommended!The quality of the equipment – bicycles and helmets – were excellent. I was even provided with a little bicycle clip to rein in the bottom on my jeans so they didn’t get caught up in my bike.

Returning to Japan at last

For this upcoming trip, we will carry a a Mount Fuji size mountain of good quality Aussie made masks – they’ve never been in our luggage before! There also will be a few other unusual things in the luggage – RAT tests, bacterial wipes, pocket sized hand sanitisers, a thermometer and one of those pulse oximeter gadgets. Neat little devices to measure your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate – handy if I get caught mid trip by that inconsiderate brute – Covid.


..there was Hobart, on a perfect summer’s day, nestled around the foothills of the majestic Mount Wellington. The Derwent river was a tranquil sight, winding its way through the city, like a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon fluttering through the landscape.

Whale Maternity ward! Whoopee!

September 2022 UPDATE Crystal clear turquoise water in a beautiful bay with a mother and baby whale playing together within a few hundred metres from the shore. It’s a glorious experience, especially when they start singing. And for me, lucky me, it’s a sight and sound that I enjoy for several months a year on […]


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