It’s early morning in Australia ..very early ..still dark. But I am awake and watching the Olympic Triathlon on television. It’s being held on familiar territory for me – Odaiba Island in Tokyo Bay. I’ve written about the Island and its very unusual history in my latest blog this month.
It’s thrilling for me in the Covid times to recognise various landmarks such as the remarkable giant moving robot RX-O Unicorn Gundam
and the massive titanium silver ball in the architecturally interesting Fuji TV building. Covid continues to keep me in my home State of Australia. Interstate travel is possible from time to time, but always under threat of border closures because of Covid lockdowns. Not the sort of stressful travel that I need. International holidays remain out of bounds. So, in this blog I will continue writing for now about past travels, and introduce you more to my home turf in Australia. Hoping all my readers are staying safe.


I am currently on the road travelling in the north of Western Australia and writing new blog articles as I go. This is a huge State of Australia, and in winter it’s possible to travel from the cold Southern areas to the North where temperatures can reach into the 30’s celcius.

So, every winter there is a massive migration of Australians heading north, chasing the sun. With Covid still ruling out overseas travel, more Aussies than ever are doing this. Many haul caravans and boats along for thousands of kilometres for their holiday. Massive rigs like the one I photographed yesterday. Hubby and I travel a lot more simply, with just our Landcruiser and accommodation along the way.

For me, this current trip is about revisits – places I’ve been to before and already blogged about. So I’m trying not to repeat myself. Hopefully, my updated articles will offer plenty that’s new. However, suggest you refer to the original articles and then read my ‘On the road again’ updates with new photographs that I’m taking, like the butterfly I snapped on bougainvillea and palm tree shadows in Carnarvon yesterday! Western Australia, by the way, recorded a new record for the year this week. We are entirely Covid free. There’s no one even currently in quarantine after arriving from overseas that has the virus. No doubt this will change as we continue to bring back Australians from abroad. But hopefully we can remain free of community spread Covid. Currently, we have no need for masks, though I try to still social distance, and constantly hand wash. I also now carry disinfectant on my travels, and wipe down all surfaces as soon as I arrive at a new accommodation, no matter how clean it appears to be. I also carry our own cutlery, plates, bowls, cups and cutting board. Our new Covid world!


A busy time for my travel blog – oncoming winter weather keeps you indoors! Eight articles have been added to my blog in May – three on Australian destinations, two on New Zealand, and three on Japan. I’ve also added a new photo to my Faded travel Photo memories – a category where I feature photos from travels in my youth. This one was taken in Nepal in the mid 1970’s.

I’m slowly picking up followers from around the world – it’s nice to have what you’ve written read by someone. I’m also discovering some very good travel and food writers with their blogs. That includes one excellent writer/blogger who mainly focuses on tea and makes it sound fabulous even if you are a coffee drinker!

Hope you are enjoying my travel tales and getting a few tips on your favourite places for when we can all start travelling internationally again. Look to the bottom of this page for my latest stories.


Yes – New Zealand is joining my blog. When I started in March, I omitted NZ because I hadn’t been back there for some years. However, I have so many photos, information and memories of the many times I’ve been in NZ, and friends there who keep me up to date – that I think it’s worth including after-all.

My first visit to NZ was to the South Island back in the early 1970’s as a young single backpacker, and it has impacted my life a lot since then. I’ve returned many times touring with my family, and when the ‘kids’ were grown, we left them at home to live and work in the Wellington region for two wonderful years!

NZ holds a special place in my heart – so time to share! My first NZ post will go up tomorrow!

UPDATE May 2, 2021

Since I began my travel blog in March, I’ve received feedback and consequently have added a new category – Far flung travel memories from my early travel days.

The main reasons I did not include old travels initially was because I didn’t consider the photos good enough – many have deteriorated over the years. Plus, as I explained in my initial introduction, I’m out of date on many of the destinations.

So much has changed over the last 50 years too. Some countries don’t exist anymore. Others have faced terrible wars. And my memory has also faded to the point that I can’t always go into enough detail to write a full blog about the photos.

But I’ve been persuaded that some of you might be interested in seeing the snaps. So here goes – adding my new category – I’ll post up an ‘old’ photo every week, with a brief explanation.

You’ll find all my categories – Australia, Japan, New Zealand and my new ‘Far flung travel memories’ on my BLOG page and also direct links at the bottom of this Home page.

MY TRAVEL BLOG – begun MARCH 7, 2021

Welcome to my travelling and foodie blog!

I’ve been travelling for over 50 years – hauling a backpack and tent in my late teens and 20’s, youth hostelling and pension stays around Europe, public transport in places like Afganistan and India, through to a taste of high end luxury hotels and travel experiences. Most of my trips have been self planned. I developed an aversion to organised bus tours and big ship cruises very early on, and prefer to organise and book my trips rather than using agents. The Covid pandemic proved this was a good move as I got all my money back without any troubles on a 2020 planned trip to Japan!

In the distant past I’ve visited: France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, the old Yugoslavia and Greece, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (including Kashmir), Nepal, Thailand (only Bangkok),Canada, USA (only California, Texas and Hawaii), New Zealand and many Pacific Islands. I am well out of date on most of these destinations.
So for now I’m concentrating only on recent travels in Japan, Singapore and Australia for my blog. When I embark on another trip to NZ in the next few years, it will be added in. Here’s hoping for a Covid safe travel bubble soon!

Australia and Japan are my great travel passions – I’ve been exploring all States and Territories of my home country Australia, especially the outback regions, throughout most of my adult life. Western Australia, where I live, and Tasmania, where I grew up, are the Australian States I know best about.

I’ve visited Japan three times since first going there about 20 years ago. I was headed back there last year (2020), but Covid kept me home. I plan to be up, up and away as soon as the pandemic eases and I am vaccinated.

During my travels, I’ve experienced some delicious food, and I’ll share some of those delights along with my travel tips with you on this blog.

On my BLOG PAGE, you will find categories where you can more directly access the stories that interest you. Links are also at the bottom of this page, along with my latest posts.

Visiting Queensland, New Zealand for the first time in the early 1970’s. . A stunningly beautiful country that draws me back constantly.

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