About Me


I am an Aussie baby boomer. Inspired by my father’s travel stories, I decided at a very young age to explore the world as much as possible. I resolved I would visit 25 countries by the age of 25 – a country counted only if I had spent a minimum of two nights there. No airport stopovers included! I achieved that ambition, including 14 months travelling internationally on a shoe string budget with my backpack.

I have taken most of the photos on my blog – the exception being photos of me taken by others with my camera and a few ‘donated’ photos from friends – I have given them a photo credit. Many of my other photos can be found on my relatively new instagram account https://www.instagram.com/aussieboomer1/

I achieved my goal to travel widely when I was young by working hard and putting all my spare money into my travel fund! Fortunately, my career as a News Journalist paid well, and provided six weeks of holidays a year because of shift work.

My first priority was to explore my own country, taking my one and only ever bus tour to visit Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory and South Australia.

My employer granted me 12 months leave of absence when I was 23 so that I could experience other cultures – regarded as beneficial for my career as a Journalist.

I took off to the U.K and Europe, returning home the long way via the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Thailand. Very early on I realised, through experience, that group organised travel – cruises, bus tours etc – were not for me. A lot of my travel joy comes from researching and planning my own trips.

Fortunately, I married a partner who also enjoys travelling, so travel has become a lifelong enjoyment. Together, we’ve also lived for extended times in Canada and New Zealand, both fabulous countries for natural beauty. We are now into our retirement years, with plenty of travel plans still on our agenda!

I am a keen amateur photographer, snapping thousands of travel pics over the years. Don’t ask me for photography tips! I take photos on automatic settings. I rely on my eye, instinct and light for a good pic. I have, however, always invested in a good camera – starting off with a Pentax film camera in the 1970’s, and these days using a Sony 7iii and a smaller Sony 6400. I’ve recently bought an iPhone, but only use it for foodie pics.

Favourite places? So hard to choose. In my youth, Greece, India, even Afghanistan. I am particularly drawn to cultures vastly different to my own.

New Zealand is in a special category of its own – its natural beauty and ease of travel is definitely something to be experienced.

My all time passion is Japan, a late life love. I did not visit until my 40’s, a trip planned in about three weeks when I was searching for somewhere to take my sons as an end of year celebration marking one’s Year 12 graduation and the other’s University graduation.

I’ve now visited three times – all self planned and self guided trips (so easy to do via the internet these days). A fourth visit was planned for 2020, but Covid intervened. I like to think it wasn’t cancelled – just postponed! Hopefully, the 2022 Japanese autumn!

Meanwhile, during Covid, I’ve continued my exploration of Japan with online virtual tours! They are a great travel innovation in these Covid times. 😊