After two weeks, my wound was recovering beautifully and I only had moderate swelling around the knee. There was still a lot of pain, and I was on a few heavy duty drugs, plus aspirin and panadol. I was tackling an exercise programme set by my physiotherapist, and beginning to scoot around fairly easily with…

Knees up Mother Brown

My specialist is Irish, and when he said a total knee replacement was necessary, I thought he was joking. Total? The whole lot! A little bit of my 70 year old body was heading for the bin, to be replaced by a shiny new manufactured knee! We have funerals when the whole body is done.…


Trams in my Australian hometown stopped running the year I was born – suffice to say, a very long time ago! But the wide streets, built to accommodate them remained – a tantalising reminder of the past. So when I saw that Tokyo still had trams, I had to seek them out! When the Toden…

Summer beach fun in OZ

February sees the school holidays end and the holiday boom finally dissipating. The seagulls – as we locals call the out of town holidaymakers – are flying home! The holidaying hordes no longer pack our town. We get back our space. It’s like someone opened a window and allowed fresh air in!

NAKASENDO 中山道 – Part 2

I found myself climbing up the steep incline leading out from Magome on the Nakasendo, with hubby MJ leading the way. The knee was feeling good. The autumn weather was fabulous. But my mind was a whirlwind of indecision about tackling the walk, even for a short distance. Note that there was the possibility of…

NAKASENDO 中山道 – the Hike

The first 400 metres uphill from Magome had me eating my words. There was nothing nice about this at all! A very steep challenging path took me up from the main street. The path was lined with shops – I was so puffed and out of condition that I couldn’t even look at them! That’s…


This is a small, rather intimate museum, but it provides the opportunity to view ancient swords up to a thousand years old, some expertly restored to original condition, others fragile and whittled away with age. There also are exhibits of other Samurai artefacts such as sword mountings, clothing and documents.

Living in ancient Tsumago

Share toilets and showers aren’t my cup of tea, and with my deteriorating agility with age, I’m not overly fond of struggling up and down from the floor to sleep, Japanese style, on futons. But, for a particular ryokan in a 100 year old house in the ancient Tsumago in Japan’s Kiso Valley, I made…


A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS – I’m always so chuffed when I see my little articles being read and my photographs enjoyed. And I love reading your blogs too! I begin 2023 having now posted 100 blog pieces – mostly travel pieces – since I began in March 2021 as something…


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