Kathmandu – mid 1970’S

I’ve always liked taking photos of people. Photos are often – as they say – ‘worth a thousand words’. I took this photograph in the centre of Kathmandu in Nepal. I was only there for about a week before flying home to Australia.

Kathmandu was the end of a long overland trip from London, and sadly delays en route saw me arrive too late to do my booked Himalayan trek. The season for trekking was over, so I couldn’t book another one.

I was almost out of money, so my accommodation was cheap and basic. I had a good look at Kathmandu – getting around by riding a bicycle.

Sadly, I made no personal connections with the people there. A place becomes more than just a travel destination when you get to know and interact with the local people. As I was a keen bushwalker back in Australia, I had been looking forward to trekking in Nepal, seeing a lot of the countryside, and meeting Nepalese people. So, I am left with a few photos of Nepal and some regrets.

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