Moment of contemplation – from the walls of Dubrovnik 1970’s

I received my first camera when I was about eight – a Christmas present from my parents. Dad had an old Kodak box brownie camera, so I guess I must have expressed interest in that.

I’ve been a prolific amateur photographer since – and the photo below of a nun in quiet contemplation is one of my all time favourites. A matter of right time, right place – luck.

I took the photo – on slide film – back in the early 1970’s while walking on top of the walls surrounding the ancient city of Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast in Southern Croatia.

The photo of the nun is interesting as the then Yugoslavia was a communist State. Is she praying, reading, or simply looking up a recipe for lunch? The washing line includes clothes that aren’t nun like. So perhaps it was a women’s Pensione, run by nuns? Or perhaps she was visiting?

Another of my photos taken as I walked along the top of the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik – some parts of the wall weren’t accessible to walk on

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