A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS – I’m always so chuffed when I see my little articles being read and my photographs enjoyed. And I love reading your blogs too!

I begin 2023 having now posted 100 blog pieces – mostly travel pieces – since I began in March 2021 as something to amuse me during the height of the pandemic. This New Year greeting is my 101 posting.

In 2023, I will post more about my November 2022 Japan trip, with hopefully some useful tips for those of you who might be planning to travel there. I’m currently working on a story about the ancient Tsumago village in Japan’s beautiful Kiso Valley.

Meanwhile today I have been down to the foreshore of Geographe Bay in Dunsbrough, Western Australia to enjoy the first dawn of 2023. A beautiful day here – nice mild summer weather with the temperature reaching about 22 c. I feel a beach picnic coming on for lunch! The Western Australian capital, Perth, about 300 k to the north, is expecting about 28 degrees.

As the 2023 dawn broke over Geographe Bay shortly after 5 this morning, there were already paddlers, swimmers and fishers out and about – a good start to the New Year!

The first 2023 sun rises over Geographe Bay this morning
Holiday fishers set off early from the Dunsborough boat ramp this morning
The sunrise lights up this early morning paddler on Geographe Bay
early bird!
A dawn swimmer in the shark net at Dunsborough
The Point, old Dunsbrough – a few dawn watchers on the rocks


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