Where are they now?

I took this photo in India – or possibly Pakistan – in the early 1970’s. Sadly, I never kept a photo diary, and I’ve failed to post notes on the back of snaps to describe the photo. I’ve always loved taking people shots, and I love shooting them in black and white. I know nothing about these kids – but the photo says a lot. The older boy looks more apprehensive – he knows more of the world. And he’s aware of standing up straight for his photo. A protective big brother. The middle boy embraces the shot with a shy smile. The little one, I think, is a girl. She’s not sure what’s going on, and huddles close to her brother.

I have hundreds of photos of other people who I’ve met on my travels – and I’d love to give the snaps to them. I’m thinking of carrying cards to hand out when people agree to a photo – so they can email me if they want a copy. Of course, in the 1970’s – there was no email – no internet – no digital cameras to show the photo instantly.

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